Experience really does count. Over the last ten years, we have undertaken over one hundred contracts in the Healthcare, Education and Residential/Listed Buildings field. Over two-thirds of these have been in the public sector. The track record in both Education and Healthcare is exceptionally strong, with a wide variety of contracts from fire door replacement and internal decoration contracts to the construction of new operating theatres and major reconfiguration works in both Hospitals and Colleges/Universities.

This has given us considerable expertise in the very careful and highly-planned management of contracts in the most sensitive and demanding building environments. Such as, for example, a £1.6m contract in a Secure Mental Health Unit where every tool used on


site had to be counted in and then out every day. Or for example the construction of a new Operating Theatre in a totally enclosed hospital site where there was no vehicle access and where literally everything had be carried on or off site by hand.

We work to equally high standards in the high-end residential sector where careful attention to detail and high levels of workmanship are equally critical for the successful delivery of demanding contracts. Regular work on prestige properties in Central London and Richmond for architects such as Adams+Collingwood and Michael Jones is clear evidence we can deliver the high quality of work and service that is so critical on these jobs.

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